Comparison of Joomla! Components - Pro Edition vs Ultimate Edition
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Features Comparison - Pro Edition (for Joomla) vs Ultimate Edition
    All features of Pro Edition are available in the Ultimate Edition which can be installed as Joomla component.
New Features
    The following new features have been added to Ultimate Edition comparing with Enterprise one:
  • The same package of Almond Classifieds (Ultimate Edition) script can be installed as a standalone script or as Joomla component;
  • Ads can be organized in 7-level structure - 4 levels for locations (world region, country, province, city) and 3 levels for categories (categories groups, categories, subcategoires). Such multilevel structure allows to support ads indexes of many categories for more than 45000 cities;
  • Users can choose different configurations from predifined list for working with classifieds; These configurations can have different options e.g. different languages;
  • Optionally the script can recognize tablet computers or smartphones and set up simplified Lite layout;
  • Users can choose classic or Lite layouts for classifieds browsing;
  • AJAX based 4-level locations selection;
  • Layouts parts can be chosen from admin interface e.g. types of locations selection, places for locations on the script pages, types of ads indexes, predifined sets of layout templates;
  • SEO links structure has been optimized;
  • Using the same installation for Classic Classifieds service (standalone or Joomla installation) and as a Facebook application;
  • Script can search similiar ads to the ad chosen by user;
  • Users can use Google translation service on the script pages;
  • Many functions and script parts are rewritten and optimized;
Facebook Interface
    Using facebook interface gives the following new features:
  • Admin can choose if any user (including facebook users) can place ads, post privacy mails or only facebook users can do it;
  • Classifieds visitors can see facebook profile pictures and names of ad owners and visit their facebook profile pages;
  • On the ads details pages users can post their comments for ads using facebook social plugin and see comments of other facebook users;
  • Using Like button users can share ads pages from your classifieds back to their Facebook profile and view profiles of users who recommend these ads to other users;
  • Facebook users can post privacy mails to ad owners and ad owners can visit facebook profiles of users who sent them privacy mails;
  • Visitors of users' profiles on facebook can access to classifieds service and use it as facebook application with facebook canvas page and facebook URL;
  • Almond classifieds can integrate with all aspects of the Facebook user experience. Your application's primary page views come via the canvas page, an iframe hosted by Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/your_app/ that points to your application;
  The Almond Classifieds can work with major on-line payment systems but for PayPal a special module was created. The Instant Payment Notification (IPN) PayPal Service is integrated into this module for fee based classifieds services processing (highlighting or activating ads, membership subscribing). There is an effective option which allows to give a progressive discount for placing multiple ads. This option is useful for the users or companies that post a lot of ads (e.g. real estate companies, recruitment or dating agencies, etc).
Ads Map
  Ads Map Module allows to embed Google Maps into classifieds ads by using Google Maps API. Users can also find driving directions from their location to an ad address. You can try Ads Map features on our demos.
RSS Module
  This module allows to set up RSS(2.0) feed for classifieds ads. Users can read the latest ads via rss readers. Affiliate partners can place latest ads headlines on their sites via any RSS aggregator. RSS link on the top page outputs the latest ads of all categories. If some city is chosen, then ads only from this city will be included into feed. RSS link on the categories index pages outputs the latest ads for these categories. Small resized ads photos are included into RSS items.
 Ads Line Scrolling Module for Almond Classifieds.   This module allows to scroll the line with the latest ads on the top page of Almond Classifieds.
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